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2018 Michigan Veterinary Conference

January 26-28, 2018 • Lansing Center • Lansing, Michigan You won’t want to miss it! With over 150 hours of continuing education, 100 exhibitors and fun social events the MVC is worth the drive.

Wonder Women

Female Entrepreneurs Innovate to Advance the Veterinary Profession... Kelly Baltzell, founder and CEO of Beyond Indigo Pets, a veterinary marketing company she started...said young female veterinarians are opening their own practices because...

Promotions That Work

Veterinary Marketing Is Now Leaps and Bounds Beyond Yellow Pages Ads. A flash of Marketing brilliance can come when it's least expected.

VetScan cPL

The Abaxis VetScan Canine Pancreatic Lipase (cPL) Rapid Test is a highly sensitive and specific semi-quantitative immunoassay for the detection of pancreas-specific lipase in canine serum or plasma.

AAHA Advantage

With AAHA Advantage, you'll receive exclusive discounts, preferred pricing, and rebates on essentials your practice needs - including pharmaceuticals, food, medical and ofice supplies, and equipment - from leading industry manufacturers.